ClearView Eye glasses: Are They Suitable for Behind the wheel?

night vision glassesWould you not know that: Outside it is dark and perhaps also rainy. You drive through the area by car. On the other hand, the trip is more like a blind flight, because darkness, glowing light oncoming automobiles, rain and Co cause you to bother. Practically all motorists suffer from this issue of poor presence – even more, some less.

The ClearView night time vision goggles assurance remedy and should provide, according to the manufacturer for an improved view at night car rides. But can that basically work? I have to admit that I really was skeptical. But my ClearView check should ultimately coach me better. While I was among those persons who used to drive at night, it generally does not really matter if you ask me today – thanks to ClearView. What distinguishes these glasses and what they can do is explained in my ClearView review.

When I earliest held the night vision glasses in my hands, I was extremely skeptical. How should this part lead to safer driving a car? You see, you should say that honestly, rather like one of those sunglasses from the 90s, with which any techno-teenagers have transferred over the raves …

How come that the case? Because she’s yellow glasses. This is actually strange at first. But I allow it come to an attempt. But before I arrive to my experiences in practice with these spectacles, I’d like to remove some more text about the glasses themselves.

What pleases me – apart from the yellow spectacles that required some getting used to – may be the frame and the form of the glasses. It gets the typical form of aviator sunglasses and has huge lenses and a fairly thin frame. This has a dark color, shines slightly metallic and creates an extremely stable and precious impression on me regardless of the slim struts and temple. Looks pretty awesome – in addition to the color of the eyeglasses. These are as well firmly in the variation, which isn’t always the case with low cost eyewear.

In addition, I find useful a case well suited for the glasses is included. In this the ClearView spectacles find a good place. It will come in the appearance of black leather, even if it really is probably synthetic natural leather. But which should not bother me with the very best will …

Following this skirmish, we finally arrive to the truly relevant information in my ClearView evaluation: Can these glasses really make for safer night driving?

Before I drove my glasses for the very first time, a question found my head: What do I do with my typical glasses, that i have to drive as a result of the visual acuity? But that did not grow to be a trouble as I could simply put on the ClearView glasses over my existing spectacles – similar to one of these newfangled 3D spectacles in the cinema. This works amazingly well and much much better than I initially expected. A big gain here is the light weight of the ClearView glasses. This falls on the nose when wearing as a result barely significant. After a few momemts I got forgotten the sensation of using that I just wore two eyeglasses on my nose.

Nonetheless it got better still when I drove the first few meters with the ClearView night time vision goggles. It had been an extremely dark moment, no moon, rainy. For me personally, real nightmare circumstances for worries. I was all the more curious about the result, which should not disappoint me. I possibly could visit a lot better in fact. The oncoming traffic (eg cars with xenon headlights ) and other glowing lights have got dazzled me not as much. In addition, everything was brighter and friendlier, I possibly could check out outlines and contours better. And, I likewise think that’s essential, the drive residence did not feel hence exhausting and tiring for my eye.

This is made possible by the various top features of the ClearView spectacles. It features advanced antireflective technology with polarized photochromic lenses and anti- dazzle lenses to preserve you from getting dazzled in the dark. As the yellow and distinctive lenses of the glasses reduce glare and in addition increase the contrast, to ensure that the entire view is way better – both at night and in the rain.

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